What is a hackathon?

No, we don't break into your computer. Yes, we do things of which people thought we couldn't do.. During a hackathon developers, designers and creative minds work together to develop an ultimate concept, which solves the given issue. Those issues are real time questions from businesses and entrepreneurs. Together you develop prototypes and designs for online applications, for example apps, mini-sites, infograpics and social campaigns. A hackathon is also known as a hackday, hackfest or code fest.

Whether it's building a website, mobile app, or even hardware hack, the goal is to start from scratch and end with a working prototype. Generally, these events last from 24-48 hours and are filled with food, caffeine, prizes, and, you guessed it, more caffeine. After time runs out, teams demo what they've built and compete for prizes. To sum it up, at a hackathon, people come together and use technology to transform ideas into reality.