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The Best Preparation To Hack-A-Way

Close those eyes - and just sleep

Make sure that you have got plenty of sleep and you are ready to battle the next 24 to 72 hours. Be sure you get at least eight hours of sleep and avoid doing energy consuming activities. You will have time for those things again after this weekend, or maybe you'll have money enough to hire someone to do it for you - who knows?

Get that mindset - winners know they will win

Even though getting enough sleep is really important, being mentally ready is at least as important! Make sure that you give your genius brain a few chill moments during your preparation. Go play sports, go for an evening walk along the river, listen to your favorite music or watch that movie you have always wanted to see. Turn your mobile phone on the silent mode and enjoy the quietness before the storm. With the right mindset you will get there - yes, you will.

Get well informed - who the hack is involved?

Most organizations will give you instructions on how to prepare yourself for their hackathon. They would not give those if they were not of value for their participants, so start right away and follow these! Do not only read their webpage, but do some research about the organization, sponsor and the subject of the hackathon. This will be in your advantage! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write the organization in time - initiative people are appreciated.

Be up-to-date - update those programs

Make sure you have updated all of your programs in advance. Updates can - unfortunately - take a long time and every second counts during a hackathon. Download all of the software and frameworks you will need and double check-check if everything is up-to-date. WATCH OUT: Don't update software that you will have to try out - this will take too much time.

Form the winning team

Being able to form your own team increases the chance to win a hackathon. Most of the time you will already know your teammates, this way you won't lose time by introducing yourself. Preparing as a team in advance will result in a big advantage during the hackathon. Set tasks for everyone, so each on of you can prepare yourself. Send this list to your team members so they know how to prepare themselves and even though you already know each other, teambuilding with a beer (or two?) is always fun right? - No, not the night before.. no no.

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